Personal Training

At CrossFit Hendersonville, in addition to our group classes, we offer more personalized training in a 1-on-1 setting. Personal training is a great option for anyone looking for an individualized fitness program and nutrition prescription.

The biggest advantage to choosing personal training over group classes is the individual attention you will receive. Our coaches will first sit down with you and find out what exactly it is that you are looking for in your fitness program. An important part of this consult is a brief movement screening, where our coach will assess your strengths and weaknesses regarding your movement patterns in order to gauge what training will help you most.

Every person is different in their abilities and needs. Our coaches at Crossfit Hendersonville will create a program that is specific to the individual to better facilitate progress and overall results. As a client starts to train and progress, their needs are ever changing. There may be times when it will be necessary to stay away from certain exercises or movements, and also times when more needs to be added to the program. Our personal training programs are specifically tailored for this.

Also a major key to seeing results is your nutrition choices between training sessions. Our coaches have helped educate hundreds of people on how and what to eat. Nutrition prescription is a key aspect to our personal training programs.

Personal training is a great way to get over apprehension of working out in a group environment, to get personalized programming specific to your needs, and to having someone guide you through making that next step in your fitness journey. This applies to professional athletes looking to attain their top shelf performance or moms and grandmas wanting their kids to try and keep up with them instead of the other way around. If you are interested in seeing what personal training can do for you, head over to our coaches page to read a quick introduction about each of our certified coaches. From there you can email any one of them to get started!

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