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In town for business or a vacation?  We’d love to meet you!

We love meeting new people.  If you are visiting from another affiliate, you are welcome to drop into any of our classes.  Use the button below to schedule and pay the drop in fee.

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Visitor Drop-Ins are reserved for experienced CrossFitters who are visiting from out of town.  If you are new to the area and are looking for a gym or are new to CrossFit, we offer a free trial.  Sign up below and speak with a coach to learn more.

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Box Manners

We cover a lot in class and utilize every minute. However, we get that life happens and sometimes you are late. No sweat, you can assimilate into class by mimicking what you see going on around you.

We care about who you are, not just what you can do. Everyone is trying to be better and suffering in their own special way.  The coaches are there to help you improve now and long into the future.  Accept where you are and choose to enjoy your CrossFit journey.

Please introduce yourself to all newcomers (or someone you don’t recognize). A friendly introduction goes a long way.  We have all been the new guy/gal, so show them why CrossFit is special.

At CFH, no one breaks down their equipment until everyone has finished the workout. Cheer on others, grab a foam roller, or just sit and enjoy the down time

Not sure what ghost-riding looks like? Dropping the bar from overhead without any control or any idea of where it might be going when it lands.  Follow coaches instructions on this one.

We use an empty barbell a lot in class for drill and form work. When putting the barbell down, gently place in on the ground with the utmost care and admiration for this fine piece of equipment.

Please clean-up after yourself. It’s your responsibility to get out and put away your equipment, count your own reps, get your own water bottle, and clean off your bars. Plus, by carrying those huge Rogue boxes all the way across the shop you’ll gain a lot of fitness.

At CFH, we like to talk, connect, and suffer together.  The coaches like to coach and make you better.  We simply ask that no headphones are on while you are taking class.

Children can come if they are able to sit on the concrete floor by our front entryway doors.  They are not allowed to come onto the gym floor or training area. We love kids, we even have a few; however, this is crucial to the safety of the children and the quality of the athletes’ training environment.

Every athlete pushes themselves in a different way. You can yell, pray, cry, go to your happy place, bleed, or even rest…just don’t quit. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; challenge it accordingly.