WEEK of WOD's 6.17.19 - 6.22.19


A. 5 Rounds for time of:

15 Wallballs (20/14lbs)

15 Power Cleans (95/65lbs)

Scale to: by Load, 10's

Goal Time: ~8min

B. 3 Rounds for Quality:

Choose weights at your discretion.

Turkish Sit Up x 5 per arm

1 Arm Power Row x 5 per arm

Pegboard Climbs x 1-2 OR Strict Toes to Bar x 8

Sumo Stance Good Morning x 5

Barbell Overhead Hold x 60 seconds


A. For time:

20 Back Squats (225/155lbs)

2 mile run

20 Back Squats (225/155lbs)

*Use a rack

Scale to: by Load, 1 Mile, Row 4K

Goal Time: ~ 25min

B. 3 Rounds for Quality:

1 Arm Overhead Carry x 50 meters at moderate weight

Push Up Shoulder Tap x 8 per side with 3 second pause at the top of each rep

Ring Support Hold x 20-30 sec


A. 4 rounds for time:

400/300 m Row

10 Slam Balls (50/30lbs)

Scale to: 300/200m, by Load

Goal Time: ~12min

B. For Quality:

20/15 Bar Muscle-Up (Strict Pull-ups or Banded/ Jumping M-up)

100 GHD Sit-Up (Ab Mat Sit-up)

20/15 Bar Muscle-Up

C. 10 Minutes For Quality

Bent Knee Hollow Body Hold x 40 seconds

Side Plank x 20 seconds per side

Superman Hold x 40 seconds


Every 1:45 minutes for 8:45 minutes (5 Rounds), complete the following...

5 Clean and Jerk @ 75%

B. For Time:

7-5-3 reps of:

Wall Walks (Handstand Walk 50ft)

After Each Round:

30/20 Calorie Assault Bike

15 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (55/35lbs)

Scale to: 3/2/1 Wall Walks or Walking Planks, 20/15 Cals, by Load

Goal Time: ~10min

C. 10 Minutes For Quality

Bird Dog x 10 with 3 count pause at the top of each rep

Dead Bug x 10 with 3 count pause at the bottom of each rep

Side Plank on Elbow x 30 seconds per side


A. For time as a 2-person team:

500 Double-unders (1,000 SU)

150 Push Press (75/55lbs)

100 Toes-to-bar

Scale to: 250 DU/500 SU/ 50-75 reps

Goal Time: ~15-20min

B. 3 Rounds for Quality:

Standing Straight Leg Hold x 20 seconds per leg

Lemon Squeeze x 15

L Hang x 20 seconds

Good Morning x 10 at moderate weight

Samson Stretch x 40 seconds per leg


A. 7 Rounds for Time:

11 Overhead Squats (95/65)

11 Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53lbs)

14min Time CAP, Goal Time: 7min