Sometimes after a stressful day of work or a long day of running around, all you need to do is relax and turn off your mind. Our yoga classes are designed with just that in mind. When stepping into our yoga studio, we want to take you to the most optimal point of relaxation and to clear your mind completely.

We will teach body awareness, breathing, balance, and flexibility in our yoga classes. Our yoga program is designed around these fundamental beliefs and we want every individual to feel a difference from when they walked into the studio to when they walk out. Our goal is to help our members achieve balance in their training practice- mentally and physically.

Our classes are fun, relaxing, and always a challenge. We want all of our members to find their true nature through the practice of yoga. During our yoga classes, we recognize that each individual is different. Our instructors will help you modify positions and movements to fit your level of practice and encourage you to push yourself to improve.

SCHEDULE: To Be Announced!

PRICING: $29/month for CrossFit Hendersonville members, $49 for non-CrossFit Hendersonville members OR $5 per drop in for CFH members and $10 per drop in for non-CFH members