SportFIT Athlete Performance Training

SportFIT Individual Athlete Training

Without the proper training, athletic potential cannot be maximized. The Athlete Performance Training program at CrossFit Hendersonville is designed to build the foundation of a complete athlete through specific speed/strength work. Our performance coaches work with you using proven techniques to help develop your athletic potential, making the athlete both stronger and faster. Measurable results will be prominent with improved range of motion, flexibility, strength, speed, and more explosive movement. As a result, your reaction time will improve, thus becoming more agile with noticeable performance results in your sport.

This program is specific to high school athletes, ranging from 13-16 yrs old who are desiring to take their sport to the next level. Stages start from the beginner stage to the professional stage with each stage focusing on speed, agility, reaction time, range of motion, balance, and stamina. Each stage will also depend on one’s maturity and performance ability.

SCHEDULE: contact for scheduling

PRICING: $119/month

SportFIT Team Training

This program is designed specifically to maximize a teams’ athletic potential, capacity to work together and increased commitment to work hard for one another. Suffering together to accomplish a difficult workout unites individual athletes and helps them practice working together to achieve a goal which transfers into unity and teamwork on the field. Athletes’ motivation for being fully committed to the team will sky rocket as they witness their teammates commit to getting physically stronger, faster and less susceptible to injury. Each individual athlete will also have more confidence physically as they become more aware of how to control their body in time and space.

SCHEDULE: Contact lindsey@crossfithendersonville to schedule your team, available hours are 10am-8pm Mon-Fri, as well as Saturday 9-12pm.

PRICING: Contact lindsey@crossfithendersonville for pricing info for your team

SportFIT Speed/ Agility Training

Focused speed work is foundational to develop an athlete at any level. The ability to move and react faster can make the difference between a win and a loss. Speed isn’t only defined as one’s ability to move in a forward direction. In sports, athletes are expected to move forward, backward, laterally and even vertically. In this program, we focus on reactive speed in each plane of movement in a similar way that is demanded in the sports area. Core strength and stability will also be developed throughout this program in order to improve speed transferability. We use a variety of proven exercises and drills that build upon one another to insure each athlete can maximal his or her full potential.

SCHEDULE: contact for scheduling

PRICING: $99/month