On Ramp Beginner Sessions

The "On Ramp" course is our exciting introduction to the world of CrossFit, weightlifting and your new active lifestyle. It will give you a jump start so that you can start your journey to reach your highest possible level of fitness. Just one session is required for anyone who is new to the CrossFit and weightlifting methodologies.

Our primary goal in this one on one session is to prepare you to join the group CrossFit classes with confidence. We will identify your own unique strengths and weaknesses, some of which are yet unknown, to hone preexisting skills and begin to improve on the things that are holding back your athletic ability. First, you will learn how to lift safely and efficiently with lighter weight. Our focus will be on developing a strong technical base. Once you are done with your session and jump into regular class, we will find consistency with good technique and we will slowly add more movements and heavier weight once you are ready.

The session will end with a metcon (a heart pumping work out) which will allowing us to measure your progress. Our program brings results, so we encourage you to take before pictures to help capture your transformation after 3-4 months of consistent training.

After this one session, your coach will meet you in your first group class and you will have your own personal coach during your first several group classes. Why? To ensure that you have a smooth transition into group class, and to ensure that you are moving well with good consistent technique. The coach will be able to help you refine some of your new skills and give you the best experience possible with a one on one coach in a group setting!

All new members attending CrossFit classes must attend the ONE On Ramp session before moving onto group class. Athletes who have been members of other CrossFit affiliates can opt for a brief "one on one" session before joining group class. Please contact Lindsey @ lindsey@crossfithendersonville to schedule your session.

SCHEDULE: Mon-Fri 5am-6pm

* We work to find an hour that works best for you

PRICING: FREE (Included in your first month of dues)