Injuries, Recovery and Functional Movement Assessments

Injuries, Recovery and Functional Movement Assessments

STAR Physical Therapy is offering free injury assessments as well as multiple performance, recovery and preventative based services at Crossfit Hendersonville to help assess and correct injuries, reduce pain and inflammation and improve functional movement patterns in order to keep athletes healthy and more active.

-Injury Assessment For:

-Neck Pain

-Back Pain


-Shoulder pain

-Hip Arthritis

-Knee Pain

-Ankle Sprains

Receive a FREE one on one injury assessment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy to learn why you have pain and what the best options are for you to reduce your pain.

-Performance Enhancement Session:

30-minute session available by appointment at CFH. You will receive hands on manual therapy combined with selective functional movement assessment to improve joint mobility and altered movement patterns, reduce muscle tightness, reduce joint pain and inflammation and be educated on how to continue to improve long term.

-Selective Functional Movement Assessment

-Learn why you have pain and how to fix it

-Manual therapy: manipulations, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization

-Specific corrective exercises

-Integrative Dry Needling

Scheduling: Contact Blair Morris, DPT at 765-414-3415 or

Pricing: $50 per session

-Body Maintenance:

30-minute session for soft tissue recovery your body needs, reset movement patterns and reduce stresses of overtraining. Using Integrative Dry Needling, soft tissue massage, scraping and stretches prescribed to improve soft tissue tone and blood flow restrictions that create pain and help you move and perform at your best.

These sessions are best for the athlete who has already done performance enhancement sessions and/or is actively engaged in a movement program.

Scheduling: Contact Blair Morris, DPT at 765-414-3415 or

Pricing: $35 per session

-Integrative Dry Needling

-Neck pain

-Back pain


-Shoulder pain

-Plantar Fascitis

-Hip Arthritis

-Knee pain

-Ankle Sprain


-Sports Recovery

In the areas where you have pain you will often find inflammation, edema, muscle guarding, increased electrical activity, decreased blood flow and soft tissue adhesions.

Integrative Dry Needling is a manual therapy technique using a single use, solid, monofilament needle that is inserted into the skin and underlying muscle with the purpose of reducing muscle tightness, improving blood flow, reducing inflammation and ultimately to reduce pain.

Scheduling: Contact Blair Morris, DPT at 765-414-3415 or

Pricing: $35 per session

Active Release Technique (ART)

Whenever we have any type of “injury” to a muscle or tendon, adhesions form to bind the injured tissues together. These adhesions act like a strong glue and leads to tightness and weakness of soft tissues.

Active release technique is a soft tissue method that focuses on breaking up the adhesions by locating specific areas of tightness and applying tension combined with active and passive stretching movements. The goal of ART is to restore normal mobility and “glide” between muscle tissue and nerves. Some of the problems most commonly relieved through ART treatments include:

-Shoulder impingement/pain/tightness

-Tennis elbow/golfers elbow

-Carpal tunnel syndrome

Scheduling: Contact Emily Hodge at (615) 943-9933 or

Pricing: $40 a visit for a limited time (cash or check)

Emily Hodge PT, Certified ART UE Provider