How to Join

Getting Started at CrossFit Hendersonville: We know CrossFit has an intimidating reputation, so we’ve created a smooth on-ramp process for new members.

1. Take a Free Intro Class

A free Intro class is the first step in deciding whether CrossFit Hendersonville is right for you. You don’t need to “get in shape” to attend a free intro class, as we’ve scaled them to be friendly and accessible for any fitness level. You can register for a class here, then simply show up. We have lockers and showers for you to utilize if you need.

2. Sign Up

To get started after your Free Intro, join CrossFit Hendersonville! Our pricing is fair, simple, and straightforward with no contracts, no initiation fees, and no cancellation fees. And, yes, we’re the best-priced CrossFit box in Hendersonville. You can read more about our pricing, then sign up using the form below.

3. Complete "On Ramp"

Our "On Ramp" introductory program consists of one 1 -on-1 session, which teach the basics of CrossFit in a fun, friendly and safe environment. This session is set up at a time that is most convenient for you.

Email us at or see us at the Front Desk to sign up for your "On Ramp" session.

After you’ve completed the "On Ramp" session...

4. Hit the Class WOD

Once you’ve taken the "On Ramp" session, talk to our front desk, so they can set you up to be able to register for Beginner Class WODs, Open Gym, Yoga, etc... (“Workout of the Day”).

After you’ve finished "On Ramp" if you and the coach decide that group Class WOD's are for later on down the road, then you can contact one of our personal trainers to set up one-three months of training sessions that will get you ready for the group class environment.

Note: If you are coming from another CrossFit affiliate, and have completed a comparable level of CrossFit-specific training, you may be able to skip "On Ramp." Please email us to let us know about your background.

If you’re returning to CrossFit Hendersonville after time off, we highly recommend you take "On Ramp", both as a refresher and an opportunity to ramp back up the intensity. You’ll also get the chance to meet our staff and community before hopping into the WOD.