SportFIT Athlete Performance Training

Without the proper training, athletic potential cannot be maximized. The Athlete Performance Training program at CrossFit Hendersonville is designed to build the foundation of a complete athlete through specific speed/strength work. Our performance coaches work with you using proven techniques to help develop your athletic potential, making the athlete both stronger and faster. Measurable results will be prominent with improved range of motion, flexibility, strength, speed, and more explosive movement. As a result, your reaction time will improve, thus becoming more agile with noticeable performance results in your sport.

This program is specific to high school athletes, ranging from 14-18 yrs old who are desiring to take their sport to the next level. Stages start from the beginner stage to the professional stage with each stage focusing on speed, agility, reaction time, range of motion, balance, and stamina. Each stage will also depend on one’s maturity and performance ability.

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